Desktop Background | August 2014

I can feel the Indian Summer taking ahold and its fast approaching my favorite time of year. I simply love the end of summer and early fall season. This time of year always seems to be filled with golden hues and cooler nights. I start feeling ready for bonfires and smores in the evenings while still visiting the pool and long hikes in the day.

I need to get outside more, I've been busy the past few weeks culling images back from the film lab and prepping them for submissions. It's been an exciting year sending my work off for the world to see. I can't wait to show it here, and thats been one of the harder things for me. I hate holding back all of my recent jobs. I'll be patient if you can. There is lots of new work coming.

This shot is from this time of year a few years ago and I just love these kinds of little nature detail images. This is an old, abandoned corn crib that has lots of ivy growing up the sides. I should really consider a portrait shoot here. So, if you are interested, just let me know. ;)

For those of you that would rather just enjoy nature doing it's thing here in the midwest, then click the link for the size you need.

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