Desktop Background | July 2014

It's July! That means summer heat, grilling, pools, camping, and fireworks. What does my July photo have to do with any of that? Nothing, I admit. But, hey, it's summery, right? I hope your summer is going well. I've been keeping busy shooting lots of film and learning a lot of lessons along the way. I keep promising some more blog posts on my adventures with film, and I am very behind. I promise I will start working on that soon. I've also got some new sessions on film in the queue to share. Trust me, I can't wait to share them with you. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy some summer while you can. 

For when you need a break from the heat and retreat to the A/C, here is a little something pretty for your desktop. Click the link below for the size you need. 

16:10 Aspect Ratio (2880x1800 Retina Display and smaller)

16:9 Aspect Ratio (1560x1440 Retina Display and smaller)

Tablet (2048x1536  iPad 3 Retina Display and smaller)

Sorry, no bonus iPhone sizes this month. This image didn't lend itself to a vertical format. I'll try to bring them back for August.

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