Desktop Background | April 2014

It is officially spring, but I admit I am still waiting for the temps to turn it up a notch. They are working on it, so I'm trying hard to be patient! If I could just open up my windows and doors and let some fresh air inside, boy, would that feel good! I promised last month that I wouldn't post any more winter images, and I'm keeping my promise. Here is my first taste of spring for you all. A little green, some flowers, some raindrops, and a bee! Ta-da! 

I'm still shooting some film and I have some film images that I am dying to share with you all. Any day now. I've also got an epic trip coming up where I hope to shoot more film. I'm stocking up now many various rolls and am having a hard time deciding what to take with me. Maybe, I will take it all. I'm guessing the TSA guys aren't going to like me. I bet they don't like hand-checking film rolls too much. 

Until them, let's do some spring cleaning and freshen up our screens, shall we? Click the link below for the size you need.  Enjoy!

16:10 Aspect Ratio (2880x1800 Retina Display and smaller)

16:9 Aspect Ratio (1560x1440 Retina Display and smaller)

Tablet (2048x1536  iPad 3 Retina Display and smaller)

BONUS! iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 

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