Desktop Background | December 2014

Tis the season my friends. I won't lie, it's the time of year that I want to go curl up in my yoga pants with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate or chai tea and stay toasty warm indoors. It is much harder to convince myself to get outside during these long winter months, but there is so much pretty out there this time of year if we are just willing to go and wander despite the cold. The colors of the sky can be miraculous this time of year and new fallen snow with it's shimmer is always mesmerizing. I love when it lays heavy upon tree branches. It's another world; a true winter wonderland out there. I hope you lace up your boots and layer on your mittens and go for a winter walk. It will be good for your soul. Just be sure to warm up those tootsies with some hot cocoa when you return home. 

Here is a little winter scene. Although you can't see the snow on the ground here, I promise you this golden light was a late winter evening. It feels crisp on your screen already, doesn't it?

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year and whatever else you celebrate this season. I will be featured articles after the first of the year about my year shooting film, so if you have an interest in film photography, be sure to check back for that.

In the meantime, I am trying something new this month. In addition to the usual wide tablet image, I also have a tall version if you prefer to look at your iPad in vertical format instead of horizontal.  I've been noticing after the iOS7 and beyond upgrades that iPad doesn't favor the horizontal format without a zoomed in effect. It appears to stay true to ratio when oriented vertically. So, I'm giving this a try this month. Please give them both a whirl if you are an iPad user and let me know which format your prefer moving forward. Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know what you think. Thanks friends! Have a great holiday season!

Click the links below for the size you need and enjoy! Feel free to share with friends.

16:10 Aspect Ratio (2880x1800 Retina Display and smaller)

16:9 Aspect Ratio (2560x1440 Retina Display and smaller)

Tablet (2048x1536  iPad 3 Retina Display and smaller)

**NEW** Tablet Tall( 1536x2048  iPad 3 Retina Display and smaller)


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