Desktop Background | February 2014

This winter has been one of the most bitterly cold ones since I've lived in Central Illinois. Move over snow days, arctic blast days have taken your place! I could pretend this image is from this year, but it's not. I shot this last January when it was (now I would I would refer to as) a mild winter. I little late evening sun and likely some very fermented berries make up this wintry image. It's a little different from my usual pretty, but unique is beautiful too. 

In other news since I've blogged last, I've been shooting some film and I'm about to start posting my first blog series about my journey next week. So, please stay tuned in for that. I have a lot to learn about film, but right now film is inspiring my photography passion and I'm eager to grow and learn the world of film photography. I'm about to start round 2 of Project Double Take with my good friend, David Vernon. We are excited to have our flickr friends over at the Peoria Flickr Group play along with us. If you are from the area and want to play along, please come join the fun.

Okay, on the FREE stuff. You know how we do it. Click the link for the size you need.  Also, I'm considering adding iPhone sizes as well. Any interest? Leave a comment and let me know.

16:10 Aspect Ratio (2880x1800 Retina Display and smaller)

16:9 Aspect Ratio (1560x1440 Retina Display and smaller)

Tablet (2048x1536  iPad 3 Retina Display and smaller)


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