Desktop Background | August 2013


Hi everyone! How are you all doing out there? Are you enjoying your summer? I've been enjoying the outdoors, biking, hiking a bit, and playing with my daughter in the backyard. Life is good.

When I think about one of my favorite parts of summer, I think about green grass. It's probably pretty obvious by now that green is my favorite color. It's been the color of my business logo since the very beginning. One of the reasons I like green so much is that healthy green color that nature displays in the height of its growing season. I love surrounding myself with nature and nothing makes me feel more at home than walking around in a sea of green grass and leaves. When it comes to summer, one of my favorite smells is fresh cut grass. Yep, I like the smell of grass. It just smells like summer to me. So, as we start approaching back to school and Indian Summer season, why not indulge in a little green grass, while it is still here? I hope you just lay back and pretend you are in a hammock or going for a hike through the prairie grass and inhale the smells of summer. Enjoy!

You know the drill now, right? Click the link below for the size you need and enjoy your new loveliness on your desktop or device.

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