Desktop Background | January 2014

I feel like I should write something poetic about the new year; about resolutions or the importance of taking stock in last years accomplishments and setting goals for 2014. I never know what profound thing to say. I, of course, am very grateful for all I have in life and I have a few improvements both personally and professionally that I would like to focus on for 2014. I know that I should probably write them all down and cross them off as I go, but the truth is that I've learned that life just goes on whether you meet these expectations you set for yourself or not. So, I'll keep doing what I love, love those in my life that matter most, and try a little harder than last year to grow and be a better version of myself. I won't be setting the bar too high or shaming myself for not shedding a few more pounds. As long as I can allow life to happen and try not to get in my own way, then I'm doing just fine. 

I do, have a few goals for my photography, which I am guessing is why you are here reading this blog in the first place. One of which, is to shoot film and regularly blog my mistakes and successes in doing so. I will dedicate a special blog post to this coming up. I'm hoping, once I have shot enough, I can regularly share some film images on here. In the meantime, I hope to continue to do what I love, which is getting to be a photographer, wife, and mother. 

And, it's been a big tradition around here to provide monthly desktop calendars. So, cheers to 2014! Enjoy your FREE January desktop calendar. 

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