Desktop Calendar | October 2012

It seems like this blog got away from me. I make all of these calendars in advance and set them up to run on my blog at the end of each month. Usually, I come back here and write something witty and hilarious (ha, in my mind anyway) before the blog post actually publishes. This month it seems the hilarious joke is on me. This post ran a few days ago with none of the usual Stacy dribble that you all love so much. 

Let's just say that I felt a little black and white rainy scene was appropriate for October. Is it just me, or does it always seem to rain in October? I think Guns & Roses had it wrong. The song should have been "October Rain". I'm just sayin'. It seemed like it always rained every Halloween when I was a kid and it was a cold, wet, bummer (that ended happily with candy and a cold.) 

Let's all try to stay dry and keep the rain on our screens as a pretty backdrop, shall we? I know some kids who'd like to collect their candy without the threat of soaked Halloween costumes and runny noses. I've got the usual lovely sizes for you again this month, including iPad (1 and 2) and iPhone. I hope next year to run some new sizes to accommodate the new iPad (or iPad 3 as I like to call it). Enjoy!





1024x768 / iPad