Class of 2013 Urban Model Session | Veronika

I had a super fun session a few weeks back with Veronika. She graciously modeled for me in downtown Normal. We found some great urban backdrops as well as some greenery thanks to the Illinois State University campus. It was an overcast day, which to  clients usually seems rather blah for photography. In fact, it is just the opposite. Nice, even, and soft light all throughout our session. My hair and makeup artist came along and helped keep the laughs rolling. I'm quite the dork in life and behind the camera is no exception. We made up some bad rapper names for ourselves (*and its quite clear that I'm not cool and have no idea what I'm talking about). When we weren't making Veronika laugh, she gave me some amazing non-smiling looks with those outstanding green eyes of hers. I mean, seriously! Work it, girl! I hope you love these as much as I do. Peace out! - G-Snap*