Desktop Calendar | August 2012

Hi friends! If you are visiting, then you know it is time to get your new monthly desktop calendar and mobile background! Time is flying by and I think my blog is getting ahead of me. This published without any of my usual dribble, but I just can't let that stand.So, here is a newly published version, complete with your favorite desktop sizes including iPhone and iPad options and some commentary from moi.

I hope your summer is going well. It's been crazy hot this year, and I doubt many of us have ventured into the great outdoors. I know I haven't, which is a bit sad. I certainly haven't made it out kayaking again on Spring Lake where this shot was taken two summers ago. It is amazing what color and beauty can be found in sometimes the unlikeliest of places. These are decaying lily and lotus pads on Spring Lake, but as they slowly die off, the colors are extraordinary to paddle amongst. So, even after the flowers are long gone, there is still interest to be seen. Don't we wish the same thing could be said for our summer lawns this year?

Click the links below to get the size you need. Enjoy!





1024x768 / iPad