Desktop Calendar | April 2012

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, who says we can't have our flowers a little early this month. I'm always ready for spring and always ready for flowers. What can I say? I'm just girl who likes flowers. ;) I won't bore you with a lot of mindless chatter this post. How about we just skip right to the good stuff. I'm sure you are ready to download your calendar and refresh your desktop again this month. This shot is also right out of my backyard. These are hosta blooms, which are always a treat when they show up. April is, of course, too early for them in real life, but its never too early for our desktops! 

May I grace your screens with 5 sizes again this month as well as an iPad/iPhone version. I haven't tested the iPhone version on other mobile phones, but I'm guessing it can also be used on other devices, like a Droid or Blackberry. Any readers out there want to test that out and get back to me? Just leave a comment and let me know. Anyway, on to the sizes. Enjoy!





1024x768 / iPad