Desktop Calendar | March 2012

March to me is that transitional month. It's where we all so desperately want winter to be over with and want to see sign of spring peeking through. I certainly don't want to wait until April. I'm craving lush greenery at this point, so I thought hey, what better month to through up a major hit of green on your desktop than March, right? So, here you go. How about a blast of colorful green courtesy of the hostas in my own backyard. I love their variety of colors and green is my favorite color. I'm pretty sure I need this hit of life to carry me through another month just as much as you guys. 

I've got the usual 5 sizes for you this month, including iPad and iPhone. Just click the link for the size you need and save it to your computer or device and set it as your backdrop. Voila!





1024x768 / iPad