2012 Calendar Sneak Peek

Want to see what a whole year's worth of desktop calendar's look like? Here's a colorful peek at what the year will be bringing you. I've already made all of the calendars that will hopefully be gracing your computer screens this year. This is my effort to get it done right, and on time. Time is the new struggle I'm having as a mom. I got these ready while my baby was napping. Balancing my photography and home life is something I will continue to work on, but you can sigh with relief that your computer screens won't suffer with my life changes. I'm going with a bit of a theme this year for the calendars and I hope you enjoy them. Several of these images are never before seen, so think of them as special just for you. =) 

Okay, they are for me too! I'm not really a completely selfless person. These are actually one of my favorite little things I do every year because I get to show off my personal work and images that in general, just make me happy and I like to share my happiness with all of you.