Desktop Calendar | February 2012


Ah February, the month of love notes, candied hearts, and my birthday (the most important part of the month thank you very much)! This year is a big year for me. I'm turning an O. You know, the big 3-0. Oh yeah. This is one of those years that I've used a benchmark. Who and where I am in life vs. where I thought I would be at this time. The truth is now that it is here. It actually doesn't seem that important what I have or haven't accomplished yet. I'm fortunate for the things I have and the time to continue to grow and develop into the person I want to be. As they say, "Life's a journey, not a destination." So, it's not like I am quitting now. I hope I have plenty more big #-o's to benchmark my journey with. I'm not sure just yet how I plan to celebrate this month, but I'm thinking this is one of those years that you go big or go home. =)

So, while I'm making party plans, why don't you just sit back and celebrate this lovely month with a cheery new desktop calendar. Just a little love bug for ya. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. I shot this with one of my absolute very lenses I've ever got my hands on; the Nikon 24 f/1.4 It's wide and dreamy. I got in real close to get this shot.

I've got the usual 5 sizes for you this month, including iPad and iPhone. Just click the link for the size you need and save it to your computer or device and set it as your backdrop. Voila!





1024x768 / iPad