PCC Seminar 2011 with Guest David DuChemin


 I'm really behind on blogging as this event is from WAAAY back in March of this year, back before it was 106 degrees outside with the heat index, back before our special guest fell off a wall in Italy that derailed his plans for 2011, back before I waddled around the house waiting for a baby to arrive. Yes, all the way back then I was fortunate enough to get to meet a special guest, fantastic speaker, and highly talented photographer from Canada - Mr. David DuChemin.

David who is known for his world humanitarian imagery traveled this time to a less exotic place in the Midwest to good 'ole Peoria. We were happy to have him here and he presented with passion. The places he has seen and the people he has met are fascinating. He certainly inspired everyone in the room to go seek adventure just as much if not more than to seek being a better photographer. Those things go hand in hand, but I highly doubt anyone left the room without an itch to travel to a new place and see something beyond the cornfields of Illinois. It was a short visit, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say he left a lasting impression. These are just a few shots from the event itself. The Peoria Camera Club sponsored the event like they do every year and included some prizes for the lucky in the crowd. Several people received copies of David's books. David was gracious to take photos with people, sign copies of his book, and, in general, share his knowledge and passion for life with a camera to anyone who'd listen.

I have to say, not only is he an inspiring and charismatic speaker (if you've read his book, then you already know this), but he's also an all around nice, and fun guy. The kind you'd like to share a glass of wine and a few laughs with. Thanks for stopping by, David. We all hope you're recovering well and will be reunited with Jessie (his beloved traveling companion, a well equipped Land Rover) very soon.