Desktop Calendar | July 2011


Well, can you guys believe it's July already? I know I can't. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my baby girl's nursery and attempting to relax a little before her arrival. I don't relax well, so I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a challenge all by itself. But, as you all know about me, I like to put my relaxing images on my desktop to soothe myself during stressful workdays. 

This month I'm sharing with you one of my top 5 favorite images I made last year. There is no doubt that this baby has a special mood for me. I find it relaxing like looking out over calm waters at a fading sunset and hopefully you find the same peace in it that I do.

As usual, I have 5 desktop sizes for you. Please click the size you need and as always Enjoy and Thank You for looking at my images and reading my blog! I hope you all enjoy a fun Independence Day holiday weekend. 





1024x768 / iPad