Desktop Calendar | March 2011


Whew! I almost missed March 1st! I wouldn't want to cheat you guys out of a full month on my latest desktop calendar. It's just so pretty if I do say so myself. 

As far as March goes, I have high hope for improved weather and I'm crossing my fingers that it also means I will get my lazy booty outside to make some images. I fear with my lack of camera time I may have slipped back on my mad skills. Maybe photography is like riding a bike and maybe its more like 'use it or lose it'. I guess I'll find out as soon as I put that camera in my hands. It will either feel natural or awkward.

March also bring some excitement as this month is the annual Peoria Camera Club seminar. This year our speaker is none other than vision-monger himself, David DuChemin. I can't wait to meet the guy and hear him speak. He is the photography worlds authority on finding and harnessing your inner vision and I'm sure his insights will be well received among all attendees. Vision knows no genre and everyone can benefit from his teachings regardless of the subject matter you seek to capture. If you don't have tickets yet, hop on over to the PCC website to get all the details and reserve your spot at the seminar.

With all that vision in mind. I'll bring you my peaceful evening Midwestern scene. I shot this late last March on a pretty evening. The fields are still calm with the remainder of last fall's harvest and the field waiting to come to life again. Nothing complicated here. Just simple and serene, the way your desktop should be.

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