Desktop Calendar | December 2011

December already, huh? Sorry, I missed the beginning of the month on you guys. I don't have a good excuse and I'm not sure how many more times I can pull out the mommy card. So, we will just move on and pretend this was out on December 1st and I'll promise to do better next time, okay? Ok, thanks! 

Well, I'm sure your seeing lots of red and green this time of year. You know, the red of your face while you fight others at the crowded stores and the green leaving your wallet. So, how about something wintry, but calming. A different color and a different view might help you out while your surfing the web for the latest deals.

I shot this back in November of last year at the Indiana Sand Dunes. This would be lovely Lake Michigan you are staring at with a little sunset happening all the way across the lake. I can't wait to go back there and bring my daughter along. It will be tons of fun. 

Okay, so here ya go stressed out holiday helpers. I've got 5 desktop sizes for you again this month. Pick your size and click the link. 





1024x768 / iPad

iPhone / Mobile