Desktop Calendar | October 2011

Well everyone, I'm sorry that I've been completely out of action lately. I had my baby girl at the end of August and it probably goes without say that I have been busy at home with my new little one. It's been a joy, with all of the new ups and downs that come with being a new mom. I had a September calendar all ready and it never made it to the blog. I guess that means I will save the image for a calendar next year. =) 

I don't want to disappoint anymore, so without further adieu, here is October's calendar. I shot this last October at Matthiessen State Park here in Illinois in the morning overlooking Lake Mattiessen. I'm starting to see the colors turn here and October is the month I think of for great fall color. It's usually a great and busy time for portraits as well. 

I hope you enjoy a little fall beauty on your desktop and that you'll let me slide on September. Oops! =) Baby photos coming soon, of course. A mom with a camera is dangerous thing as we all know too well. 

Here are five sizes again for you this month & an iPad/iPhone background as well. Just click the link for the one you need.