Project Double Take #17 | Mackinaw River

Mackinaw River.jpg

As we get down to the end of this project, it seems as though both Dave and I are actually trying harder. We are becoming less and less satisfied with our first and even second attempts at a given topic. We are both going out to shoot multiple times. I think it just shows how much we've grown while doing this project. In the beginning we were happy to get out and shoot and now it seems, the first try may not always be the best. We aren't settling as easily. We will go back and seek out new spots, new times of day, better light, etc. It has also made the project harder. In a sense, it is actually taking much longer to get a topic squared away. For the most part I enjoy it though.

This time we bring you the "other Central Illinois river", the mighty Mackinaw. It winds it's way through Central Illinois and while it wont' hold any barges, you can probably canoe and kayak down it quite peacefully. It has lots of twists and turns and lots of places where 2 lane highways cross over. In some cases, even old out of service iron bridges also cross over. Dave's shot is a lovely night scene taken on such an old iron bridge that is well out of service, complete with wooden planks (and missing wooden planks). He's got the river down below lit up by the moon and the stars swirling around. Just a great night scene. My shot is just post sunset from a different location. It was a very cloudy day and in the end made for a nice mood to the otherwise blah lighting. 

 Be sure to stop on over to Dave's blog to read about his shot. In the meantime, I will leave you with my various attempts at the Mackinaw River. What do you think? Do you like my final choice best?


Attempt #1 - Shot @ Sam Leman Canoe Launch


Attempt #2 - Same bridge location as Dave's final shot


Final Attempt - Shot near Dillon, Illinois on a cloudy, bleh day