Photowalking with the iPhone 4

iPhone Kelby-7.jpg

This blog post is long overdue! I've been meaning to share something just all around fun whether you are a pro photographer or not. 

These images are from my new point & shoot (and the new love of my life, don't tell my husband) the iPhone 4. I received it just days before the 2010 Kelby Photowalk and I decided there was no better venue to test this baby out than on the photowalk. I did bring my DSLR and one lens just in case, but I barely shot anything with it. I found that I was so enamored with the iPhone as a camera. It is just plain fun! 

All of the images here were shot with the rear iPhone 4 camera and editing wither either the Photoshop Express or Tilt/Shift app or sometimes a combination of both. There are plenty of photography apps out there.  I am really impressed with the image quality straight out of camera with the iPhone. It has proved to really be great always having a camera with you. I enjoy taking snaps of random things on a regular basis.

iPhone Kelby-11.jpg

Everyone can have fun with a simple point and shoot camera. It doesn't even need to be high resolution. Just go out on a photowalk and snap away.  See what catches your eye. Don't take life too seriously. You never know what quirky thing might seem artistic later. 

iPhone Kelby-1.jpg
iPhone Kelby-6.jpg
iPhone Kelby-14.jpg
iPhone Kelby-10.jpg
iPhone Kelby-3.jpg
iPhone Kelby-5.jpg
iPhone Kelby-12.jpg
iPhone Kelby-15.jpg
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