Project Double Take #18 | Polaroid


This is probably the most childlike fun that we are going to have during the Project Double Take Challenge. It's been a really great year in terms of our challenge topics and some of the neat things we've manages to see, but nothing is going to be just this downright fun as making your own polaroids. Some of you may still have a Polaroid camera at home, but recently Polaroid stopped making the camera and film. There was such a huge void for the avid fans out there that alternatives started popping up. One of them is the computer generated faux-polaroid or "Polardroid" image. This is how both Dave and I decided to create out Polaroids. You just download the program and drag your image onto the the little camera and it spits out a dark polaroid and what do you do? You actually shake the images using your mouse. The image starts developing right in front your eyes looking like a classic polaroid image. I had so much fun creating mine that I couldn't stop. I made a whole plethera of images with it. So you've been warned, it is highly addictive. My shot this time is once again from the ICC gardens while I was testing the new Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens that I rented. I had this great shot that I just knew would make a neat polaroid. What do you think? Here is the original for comparison, so you can see what Poladroid does to your images.