Travel | Especially in Michigan


I'm still playing catch up with this blog, but I couldn't wait any longer to show some images from my summer vacation up to Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in Michigan. It was a relaxing trip and the only photography I really did was in the evenings. Every night, we would head out the beach on Lake Michigan and watch the sunset while I snapped away beach scenes and made long exposures of the sunset and clouds. It was gorgeous every evening. There is nothing more relaxing than just listening to the waves lap against the shore while the setting sets the sky aglow with vibrant hues. It's just pure magic. 

I had a new toy to play with and focus primarily on taking really long exposures. Some of the ones you see below with obvious cloud movement are anywhere from 2-4 minute exposures. The really neat thing about this type of image is that you really capture moving time during one frame. Water is smoothed out, grass waves in the breeze, and clouds come alive. I'm really captivated by this kind of imagery currently and I hope I can get out to try it more. I used the B+W 10 stop ND filter to slow my shutter speeds. This filter is black. You put it on the front of the lens and you can't see anything. As you can see, it is a challenge in it's own right. You have to get your composition and focus all set before you put the filter on. If that weren't tricky enough, you also better really like what you just framed up because you are committing to not only the 4 minute exposure, but also the extra 4 minutes to noise reduce the image (assuming you have it turned on). This filter creates really interesting and dynamic images, but it also presents a new round of challenges. 

I hope you enjoy my beach images from Michigan and if you ever get the chance to visit, you won't be sorry.