Project Double Take Special #2 | Out of Illinois

Out of Illinois.jpg

 I'm really excited about sharing this Special topic. I just really like both of our shots this time. And it goes to show that changing location = fresh inspiration! Just getting out of the usual scenery inspires not only a renewed vision for photography, but also the willingness to seek out a scene and explore it, maybe even try some new gear or a new technique. Traveling with the intention of shooting images, usually means renting some gear like a new lens. This is what Dave did. He took with him out west to Wyoming, the Nikon wide angle 10-24mm. A lens I rented more than once and like very much. His shot is from Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. What a great close up shot of a Bison. He says there were so many in this field, but this one was close. He might have kept the car between he and the bison, just for safety sake. Be sure to head on over to his blog to read more about his exciting Wyoming adventures. I'm jealous of his trip!

My shot was taken also using something new, the B+W 10 Stop ND Filter. It reduces light 10 stops allowing for prolonged shutter times. This shot is all the way up to 4 minutes! My shot is from Sleeping Bear Dunes and National Lakeshore near Glen Arbor, Michigan. 

Taken as sunset, the filter really to blur the moving clouds and smooth out the water on the shore. I love the moving grass in the shot and how it just captured time. What a fun filter, but certainly a challenging one to use. I enjoyed playing with this new toy and technique on my trip.  Below is an example of the same scene without the 10 stop filter, and then the finished one with it.