Project Double Take Special #3 | Twin Bill

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I think these two photos say it all perfectly. Dave and I are both confident that we nailed this topic. If you don't know, Bill, you know him now. Bill is a good friend of ours and we tease him on the regular because he can handle it and because he makes faces like the ones Dave captured. I'm actually not sure there are too many people who have fun quite the way Bill can and he brings the party to any photowalk. Usually there is a tiger or two involved, though neither of us captured the not-so-illusive tiger during the Kelby Photowalk this year. Bill is also one of the admins of the Peoria Flickr group and he'd be happy to warmly welcome you on board and then delete a photo or two of yours if you step out of line. The man runs a tight ship. It better "Scream Peoria" or it goes. =)

My shot is Bill is in an iconic section of the warehouse district alley. I didn't even ask Bill to pose where he is, he just did it all on his own, which is what I mean by Bill bringing the party. The original sign painted on the brick wall really says "Stack Skids Here", but of course, I took a few liberties to show off Bill's childlike tendencies.

Dave also shot his the same day on the Kelby photowalk. Dave starting shooting Bill like it was a typical portrait session and asks Bill about his Canon camera and meanwhile starts to take pictures, forgetting his camera was set to continuous mode and quickly fired off 8 or 9 shots of classic Bill. Dave thinks you can see his canon soul leaving his body in the last frame and I think he might be right. Hop on over to Dave's blog to really hear the story told properly.

Thanks Bill for being a good sport - oh heck just being you. Always a fun shot to be had. Tiger on, my friend, tiger on!