Project Double Take #16 | Vertical Panorama

Project Double Take Vert Pano

I'm actually really excited to show off PDT#16 to you all. The cool thing about this is one is the fun subject matter that we're brining today. I was struggling to figure out what to shoot for my PDT this time. I like panoramas, but vertical was stumping me. The thing about shooting vertical is that you need to some height. You can't just stand at ground level and angle the camera up and shoot away. You will have all kinds of parallax issues (a fancy term for saying that your lines are not going to line up well) when you go to stitch your frames together. To avoid messy stitching, it is easier if you can get some height so that you can be a little more level with your subject. It makes it easier to shoot a little up and a little down instead of all the way from the ground. Due to this, I was having a hard time coming up with a subject where I could get some height. Trees? Buildings? Maybe from another building or a parking garage? Or something from a ladder? Where can I haul a ladder around to and how tall will it have to be? Will that even fit my car?

I informed Dave that I was struggling and I was listing off ideas and when I came the infamous Vanna Whitewall he perked up and seemed interested, hinting that she would compliment what he already shot. So I opted to drag my 6 foot painting ladder down to Peoria Plaza tire and set it up in their parking lot. It was a grey evening and drizzling a little, but Vanna, she still looked good in her red bikini waving at the folks as they drove by. She is comprised of 10 shots stitched together with my trusty 50mm f/1.4 wide open. 

Once I saw Dave's panorama of Paul Bunyon holding a giant hot dog, well I was sold. We've got quite a couple on our hands and I think they look quite cute together if you ask me. While Vanna is a Peoria staple, 19 ft tall Paul belongs to the Palm's Grill Cafe in Atlanta, IL off of historic route 66. You can read all about the Bunyon statue here and be sure to stop over to Dave's blog to read about his adventures in photographing Paul.

Both Statues are 1960's pop culture advertising striving to grab the attention of the American traveling tourist. Miss Vanna Whitewall herself was originally "Miss Uniroyal" and she stands at just over 17ft tall. She was acquired by Peoria Plaza tire in 1971 and given a "makeover" and was renamed to Vanna Whitewall. You can read more about her here.


We we hope you enjoy Mr. (and soon to be Mrs. if we play our cards right) Bunyon. They make me want to drive around and find other 1960's Americana relics.

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