Desktop Calendar | August 2011


I actually had a coworker tell me the other day that Summer is almost over. What?! Almost over? I cannot comprehend these words. Honestly, this summer hasn't felt like summer at all. Where were my BBQ parties on my deck or playing in the sprinkler? Oh yeah, I spent my summer tucked away inside with the air conditioning because it was a sweltering summer with more humidity than my hair can handle. Sure, we've turned on the grill a time or two and the closest I came to the garden hose was trying to bring life back into my hydrangeas. I always think summer is the time I get some relief from being locked up indoors all winter long, but not this year. So, I'm holding out. I don't care if it is almost back to school. The summer isn't over yet. The weather will cool down and I will lay in a hammock drinking something fruity with an umbrella in it while my hubby grills up something delish. Once I can do this in comfort, then summer will have really been here. Until then, I'm not moving on. 

So August, in my book you are still officially summer with your blue skies and puffy clouds. For August's desktop calendar, I bring you a taken much earlier this year when there was in fact still cooler air outside. You might recognize this shot from Sand Ridge State Park captured earlier this year for Project Double Take. I wasn't sure what to choose for August and honestly the golden fields and blue skies just felt like August to me. So there you have it. Enjoy it while you're still inside with your air conditioning. We're revolting soon. Who's with me?!

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