Photography from a Kayak

Let me tell you that kayaking on Spring Lake with a camera and some amazing lotus flowers and lily pads is the way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I'd never been kayaking before and I was really excited to try it. Fellow photographer, Julie Dodge, kindly loaned me her kayak for the afternoon and I took my first paddles on out on the lake. I was nervous to stay balanced, not fall into the lake, and in general not look like a giant idiot.  I was also pretty nervous about taking my camera on board, even though that was the whole point of the outing. But with my camera tucked safely into a dry bag, Julie helped me shove off and away we went. 

The lake this time of year is filled with an over abundance of lilies and lotus flowers. The lotus flowers are the tall flowers sticking out of the lake, while the lilies are the small ones tucked down in with the pads. The lotus were in all sorts of varying stages of growth. From bud to bloom to seed pod, which was incredibly fascinating. To see a good example of the stages, check out Julie's shot here. Both were very pretty in the afternoon light. Julie normally paddles in the morning hours and tells me the flowers are much more open in the morning. Nevertheless, I found the scenery to be stunning. I'm still not sure which I was more enamored with; the kayaking or my surroundings. Julie would shout out to me and hold up a giant pad 3 times the size of her head. I think it was just one of those times that the experience is what will stand out in my memory. The lake was calm and relaxing. No power boats, and no noise. It was just so relaxing with the only sound of splashes here and there as Julie and I paddled along. We'd stop every now and again to pull out our cameras and shoot. I'd never seen these flowers so up close and from the great low viewpoint of a kayak.

It was challenging to balance in the boat and shoot. Just as I would get framed up, I'd realize that I was drifting sideways or forward and I would have to try again to compose and focus quickly. After sometime I realized that the aid of live view helped me get even lower (although manually focus with my camera dangling over the side of kayak was difficult). Here are some shots from the trip. I have to say, I would love to go back and see this beautiful place again. I'd love to take a morning paddle. Oh heck, I think I just want a kayak now. It was a great change of pace and perspective. Thanks to Julie for showing me something new and sharing her little photographic gem with me.



And finally a shot of me in the kayak courtesy of Julie Dodge. Thanks Julie for a really fun afternoon. Please be sure to stop and check out her photography on flickr. She has some beautiful landscapes and her lotus and lily images will knock your socks off.