Project Double Take #15 | Banner Marsh

Banner Marsh

The double take's keep rolling and we're back to our layout and old friend, the square format. This time we ventured out to Banner Marsh in Fulton County. Banner is one of my favorite places to shoot. It has a lot of interesting features. There is plenty of water fowl to see and and if you are a patient wildlife photographer with long lenses (I am not) there are some fantastic birds to fill your frame with. For the nature photographer though, there are fields, tree, pools of water, swampy marshy water, dead trees sticking out of the marshy water and best of all fantastic sunsets and reflections to be had. I've taken some of my favorite images at Banner.

Dave and I should call our double take this time "Moon & Stars". As you can see Dave has a classic rich sunset complete with reflections and a slice of moon. I believe he captured this beauty on a flickr meetup we had earlier in the month with our fellow moderators. Hop on over to his blog to read more about his moon shot.

For me, I really wanted to try something different. I shoot sunsets out there a lot and I felt that I wouldn't be challenging myself if I did that again, even though it seemed the most classic shot to showcase. Instead I opted for a night time shoot, inspired actually by one of Dave's Banner images that I fell in love with a year ago and have framed and on display in my office. I wanted to try some star trails. This is the second time I have tried star trails at Banner. This time I went with fellow photographer Julie Dodge. She was kind enough to show my her water world of Spring Lake from the viewpoint of a kayak earlier in the day (more on that shoot coming soon to the blog). She and I decided that there was no better way to end the day, than at Banner shooting some more as the sun went down and into the night sky.

Here are just a few more of my favorites shot at Banner Marsh in the last couple of years.