Dietz Family

I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely family just last week. From the Peoria area they are currently living out of the country and were back in town for a little while to visit friends and family. With both boys birthdays being so close to Independence Day and it being time for a new family portrait, they donned their festive American colors and we headed out for make some images and have some fun. The boys were a blast and normally I don't think I'm super funny, but these two promised me that I indeed was a funny girl. I'd make them laugh and in turn, they would make me laugh. Something about the word Sheboygan (like the Wisconsin town) would send the whole family into a giggle fest. So I was sure to say it as much as possible. I honestly have a handful of images of them full on laughing followed by a series of totally blurry and shaken images because then I would laugh right along with them and was unable to hold my camera stable resulting in the aforementioned shaken shots. No image stabilization system would have saved me here. 

So thank you to Dietz family for allowing me into your life for a few hours and for letting me walk you all over downtown Peoria. Sheboygan!!