Project Double Take #14 | Light & Shadow

So far Dave and I have tackled many challenges with Project Double Take and some even with cliche topics, like this one. We have no one to blame but ourselves. After all, we chose this list ourselves quite some time ago. I must say and I think Dave will agree with me on this one. This was especially challenging. It is so hard to find something unique to shoot that isn't the obvious shot. I tried shooting sunsets, tree shadows, light glowing through leaves. You name it. In the end I settled on some pretty back lit flowers. I might have a little more light than shadow going on, but that's okay with me. Sometimes, I have to remember that the idea is just to get out and shoot. I'd love to expand myself with this at times, and yet other times I'm so lost for idea and inspiration that just getting out and shooting should be considered a success. I did it, I got a shot that makes me smile and that's that. Done.

Dave was breaking out the power of reflection for his shot this time with some sun splashed water lillies. Hop on over to theCentral Illinois Photoblog to read his take on this week's PDT topic.

Coming up soon is special topic "Twin Bills" (portraits of a good friend of ours) and "Film" (oh I can't wait to tell you the story for this one) and "Banner Marsh". Jump on over to theProject Double Take flickr group to start playing along. It's never too late to jump on board the train. We'd love to have you.