Project Double Take #13 | Illinois River

It's been a few weeks since we've talked about Project Double Take. We originally were planning to have film last week, but we've had some technical delays in getting getting film and getting film processed. So please bear with us as we bring that to you at the end of the month instead.

 This time we are bringing you Illinois River, a topic that I shoot on a regular basis being here in the river valley itself. I find a lot of good subject matter in the form of the bridges that cross the River. Today's image is no exception. I bring you an evening glow view of the Illinois River with the Bob Michel bridge hovering above and reflecting it it's waters below. Peoria rests in the background. The day this was shot the skies were grey on grey with a touch of grey. Yeah, there really wasn't much happening. With all the building heat and humidity, it actually poured down rain earlier in the day. It was crazy. I held off shooting to the evening hours. This one shot I managed to catch the only color the sky really produced that night. All the frames before and after are grey. There was only a brief moment of pink that dazzled in the background. The blue twilight later that night was quite lovely though and I will be sharing some images from that later on.

Dave's shot is also an iconic night scene of the river with downtown Peoria and all it's shining lights in the background reflecting off the water. A scene every Peoria photographer would like to perfect. Dave's also captured some very nice clouds. It is just the weather we've had here all summer. Be sure to stop on over to Dave's blog to hear about his approach to the river as well.