Published | Billboard Superstar

Okay that post title might be a little misleading. I don't know that I am a superstar, but I sure feel like one. Just two days ago a friend of mine emailed me and said he saw my cover shot for Peoria Progress magazine on a billboard in town! My first thought was "no way". I was so excited I had to see it for myself. I drove down and snapped some cell phone pics. You know, as Chase Jarvis says "the best camera is the one that is with you".

If you want to check out the billboard for yourself, head on down East Peoria side of the Bob Michel bridge. You will find it facing Peoria next to the Hucks and Buffalo Wild Wings. If anyone finds the billboard again let me know!

Remember this cover?


Well here it is on a billboard:


and of course then me standing below my billboard pointing at it. (You know you'd do it too!)

Me with my Billboard.jpg