Project Double Take Bonus #1 | Jubilee College State Park

It's time for our first bonus topic for Project Double Take. Welcome to one of the lovely state parks here in Central Illinois, Jubilee College State Park. Dave and I ventured out together again. We've been doing this a lot lately, but don't worry in June we're going to shake things up and will probably have some drastically different images seeing as one of us will be visiting some other states. Also we will be testing our true photography skills on film this month. 

It was about a month ago that we went out to Jubilee College State Park on a somewhat dreary evening after work. We wandered around looking for that special something. At the time the next upcoming project was "Landscapes Wide Open" and we were both shooting things wide open thinking something good might turn up for that project as well as this bonus topic. While we both ended up using different shots for "Landscapes Wide Open" we did manage to get a break in the sky and for a brief time a burst of sunshine in which to create our bonus topics. My shot is very wide open, f/1.4 to be exact, looking down a tree lined path. The lighting on the scene drew me in and the path seemed so inviting. "Where does it go?", I wondered. I like the sense of mystery. 

While I was busy playing with the sun dappled path, Dave was busy photographing some flowers on the edge of a fishing pond and when the sun came out, he too had a new sense of wonder as now the reflections had these very pretty mirrored sky and clouds in them. The perfect backdrop for such cheery yellow flowers. I could be mistaken, but he was also playing with a little Diana lomo lens on his Nikon D300 and I think this shot my have in fact been taken with the dreamy little Diana. Be sure to stop on over to Dave's blog to read more about his shot and see if I'm right. (If not, I'm sure I will never hear the end of it).

If you've been playing along or would like to start, here are the current topics that have just started:

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For more information and a full schedule, please visit our Flickr Group page. Don't be shy, we'd love to have you join in the fun.

Here are a few more shots from Jubilee and afterward we made a quick stop along the highway just outside of the park to photography wildflowers growing in the ditch.


Even Dave had time to stop and smell the flowers...