Desktop Calendar | July 2010


It's officially summer now and the heat and humidity don't show any signs of slowing down. I like to shoot in the evenings in general, but never more so than during the summer just to avoid the heat and sweat, if possible. Shooting in the evenings makes me immediately think of sunsets and what better to share for July than a sunset. A firecracker of color in it's own right. This tree shot was actually taken back in mid April before the heat and before the corn had even spouted out of the ground. This tree may become "my tree". David Vernon already has his own tree study and while I haven't been back to see this guy yet, I imagine I will before long. I love it when tree is off in a field all by itself. Even better when it is just off a little gravel road and easy to get to. Now, that's a nice bonus. 

Anyway, on to the fun stuff - your calendars. Click the links below to get the size you need and do whatever you do to set your background you Mac and PC people. We've got 5 sizes again this month, plus the iPhone/Pod/Pad backgrounds too.






iPhone/iPod Touch (If you would like a wide iPad version, click the 1024x768 above.)