Landscapes | Lacon Bridge Series

Lacon Bridge Twilight_.jpg

Here are a few new shots along the Illinois River I shot last week near Lacon, Illinois. It was a pretty evening with the clouds rolling in and the sunlight fading away.  We've had a lot of rain and it's been hard to get out and shoot. I was looking for a new location and I hadn't made my way of the river to shoot in Lacon yet. As I crossed the bridge, I knew I had found my subject for the evening. I was able to find a location nice and close to the bridge. It was a peaceful night and I felt relaxed as the sky turned colors in the fading light and the water gently lapped against the shorelinet. Off in the distance the only sound was the engine hum of river barge that crept slowly along downstream. I felt like the changing scene before me just kept getting better and better as night rolled in. It's so good sometimes not just to photograph a place, but to experience it. So enough words, I'll let the images take you calmly away.

Lacon Summer Shore.jpg
Lacon Bridge-62-2.jpg
Lacon Bridge at Sunset.jpg
Lacon Night-1.jpg
Lacon Night-2.jpg
Lacon Bridge Moonlight.jpg

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