Tutorial | Making Split & Duotones in Lightroom

LR_Split Tone Screen Capture.jpg

When I was working on my duotone for Project Double Take I actually spent quite a bit of time just playing. I was testing different colors and looks to get the look I wanted for my Duotone. I realized how much fun it is to play with different colors. It isn't something I normally do. I like color photography and the most crazy I get usually is a simple black and white edit. Split and duotones can have a really nice artistic effect though and create a totally different look than a color edit can. In some ways, just like a black and white, it can really simplify an image. By reducing busy colors to a simply palette, you can really look at light and texture, and mood and shadow. It's a really nice way to separate out of good image from a great one. I've been inspired lately too by David duChemin, who incorporates a lot of nice split tone images into his portfolio. Each edit really has a different look and feel from the next. 

I thought it might be nice to show how I went about creating my duotone in Lightroom for my last Project Double Take posting. For those who might be wondering if you can create these in Photoshop CS or Elements or some other editing software, the answer is Yes. You can absolutely create a split or duotone in something else. As for why I didn't, I'm a big fan of Lightroom and to be honest it's my primary editor. I do 95% of my editing in LR. For me, it really gives just about everything I could want or need. So, this particular tutorial will be done in LR, just showing you how I would go about creating a split or duotone. You can take these same ideas and implement them in Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and other editors. 

This is the first video I have created for the blog and I wont lie, it's a little rough, but hopefully you can follow along and you aren't too bored listening to me yammer on. In future, I will try to keep these closer to 5 minutes if possible. If you are on an iPod/Phone/Pad, then click this link to view on You Tube.