Desktop Calendar | June 2010

June Desktop.jpg

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I don't normally post on the weekend, but I've got a nice long weekend and I thought you might all enjoy a head start on your new desktop calendar for the month of June. This month's calendar image came as a request and who I am not to deliver the goods to my loyal fans.

This image is of Lake Falls at Matthiessen State Park here in Illinois. It is a very tricky falls to photograph and so far this is my best attempt at capturing this soaring tall falls that spill from Matthiessen Lake above. This was shot fairly late in the day after a long day of hiking with some friends and the Peoria Flickr group. There was no one in the area as my friends had hiked onward and upward to to the lake itself. The tourists had all left for the day probably tired and hungry from hiking. It was just me in the canyon calf deep in water with fading light coming down from overhead and the cool rush of water misting at my face and lens. It was one of the moments you're glad your in the moment, not just photographing it. It was peaceful in there by myself and I took my time shooting and wading around feeling the cool mist and wet moss on the canyon walls, just taking the scene in and enjoying nature at its best. This is what photography is about. I hope you can feel it with me when you look at this image. Hopefully it will keep you feeling cool as summer starts to heat up this June.  Enjoy!

Also, I decided to offer a few more sizes again. This month we have 5 common screen resolution sizes for you all. Click the link for the size you need and set as your background.






And of course - my love for Apple products causes me to share these too...

iPad (note on this month's iPad - I've included this as a "vertical shot", but you could also choose a "horizontal version by clicking the 1024x768 choice above.)

iPhone/iPod Touch