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My typical workflow was disrupted for about a month as I made the leap from PC to Mac and Windows to Snow Leopard. I sold my year old HP laptop because I was just never happy with how images looked on an external monitor and I couldn't see enough detail to edit any photos on a 14" screen.

I tried several brand new monitors with my laptop including a 22" NEC monitor and a 21.5" HP. I quickly became frustrated with color calibrating on the laptop. It seemed that it wouldn't hold a color profile and the images just never seemed sharp. I couldn't tell what real color was or what I would see in print, which was a real negative for me.

I finally chalked it up to the fact the my graphics card wasn't up to snuff. I figured since I wasn't doing any video editing or any gaming that my graphics card wouldn't really matter for photo editing. Boy, was I wrong. I quickly gave up on a cluttered desk space with laptops and monitors and decided to jump ship to the land of Macintosh.

While, it's been many years since I've owned a Mac or rather my folks did when I was a kid, it is coming back quickly and I haven't had any trouble switching over. My files have all transfered and I'm able to easily see and edit using my good old Lightroom (thanks for being both PC and Mac compatible) and my pretty 21.5" LED backlit display. For those with Photoshop CS or Elements, be sure to check with Adobe customer service. In many cases you can switch platforms for a minimal fee and agreement to destory the old platform copy.

I did lose some nice album creation software that is only Windows based. I could run Parallel at some point or just convince my husband it NEEDS to be on his Windows 7 laptop. ;)

I really like the screen. I feel like I got the best monitor technology I could buy at a very reasonable price or I paid for the monitor and got the computer for free. I would highly recommend it for photo editing. It is what I was truly missing before. The colors look pretty acurate out of the box, but I wil be calibrating it soon and I will report back on how that went.

I'm also happy with a cool feauture that Apple calls "Time Machine" that makes automatic backups of my entire system hardrive to an external drive. I can go "back in time" at any time to recover deleted or lost files or revert to how my computer was days or weeks ago. I heard rumors of people not being happy with Apple's external hardrive the "Time Capsule", so I returned my copy for a 1 TB aluminum cased LaCie drive instead to send my backups to. I will also cover my backup solution on here in the future as well.

For now, here are some quick snapshots of my pretty new iMac. Oh, and yes I totally painted and rearranged my office just for it's arrival. Yeah, I'm girly like that.