Project Double Take #7 | Corn Cribs & Silos

Corn Cribs and Silos. Yeah, this topic sounded real easy. We live in the Midwest. Plenty of farms and corn, so there must be lots of corn cribs and silos, right? Ha! Good luck finding cool ones that aren't shoved right up against a farmhouse or some other structure. Okay, so I'm not saying these don't exist here, but finding the right one that interested me to shoot was, well, a heck of lot harder than I thought it would be.

This project has really sunk it's teeth into me and it is serving it's purpose well. I made several drives out in the country side in search of the elusive crib and each time I found something else to shoot instead. So, hey, its a win there. This time I had to settle for a rush job on cool spot that I found in the middle of the day with a blah sky and let's just say I had a lapse in memory where I forgot what format we were shooting in and accidentally captured mine as a horizontal. The tight crop you see is best I could do to transform my horizontal into a vertical. I also made the photographer's saving grace move by turning the blah-ness into a chic and artsy black & white. Oh yeah! My find in the end is a spot I would like to revisit under more ideal lighting conditions and hopefully with a more interesting sky. However, in the spirit of the project, what we get is just sometimes what we get. Sometimes the light isn't perfect. That is just how it goes somedays.

If this were a contest, Dave is the clear winner here with a unique perspective on a wooden crib in all of its rustic glory. I think he hid this one from me because I never found it. To read about his corn crib find, visit him here

The project is moving along quickly now. Up next is one of my favorites locales in Illinois, Starved Rock & Matthiessen State Park. This too will be in vertical format, so let's hope I don't forget. Also, our bonus topic: Jubilee College State Park in horizontal is going on in tandem and is due at the end of May. If you want to play along and learn more about an outing to our favorite locale for the next PDT, then be sure to visit the Project Double Take group on flickr.

And of course, the horizontal version of the corn cribs:

Rural Illinois-5.jpg