Desktop Calendar | April 2010

Well, It's officially April Fools and honestly, I'm just not that good of a prankster. In fact, I am pretty gullible and if anything I am most likely to have someone pull a prank on me instead. We will just have to see how the day goes. The good news is that tomorrow is a holiday and for the first time I get the day off. I really hope the weather isn't just one big joke and I can spend my day off in this awesome 70 degree weather out shooting some of the new signs of spring, or maybe looking for "Sunlight & Shadow" topics for the new Peoria FlickrGroup challenge. You should head on over and check it out and join in the fun.

I hope you all get out there if you can and if you can't and you still want some spring to look at, here is my desktop calendar for April. I'm sorry to those manly men out there. I realize this is two flowers backgrounds in a row and you're probably not feeling that so much. If I get time, I will add a "man's version" or I at least promise to make it up something really cool and not all girly and flowery. I can't help it, buds and flowers just make me think of spring. 

April Desktop_1024.jpg

Here again we have three sizes for you. If you screen is in between, choose a size bigger than your screen and choose "stretch" for Windows users to resize to fit. I just got a new Mac and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure how sizing works just yet. Yep, I'm that much of a newbie. I'm sure next month I can provide better insight as to installing backgrounds to fit on a Mac.




Yeah, I'm also totally lame and I don't have an iPhoto shot picked out just yet. Ooh, maybe that is my chance to come up with something for "manly" for the guys. I will work on that and try to get some out to you guys by tomorrow. =) Have a great April Fools and enjoy that warm spring air!