Project Double Take #5 | Wide Panorama

Another two weeks gone by again. This time we are tackling the world of the panorama; a multi shot wide view on the world. Both David and I chose to show you the wide and flat views of the Illinois countryside. As spring weather has been making its way into our world, we have been getting warmer days and cooler nights, creating foggy mornings. David's shot is a very pretty morning showing the beauty of the foggy morning along the fields and farmland in Tazewell County. I chose the opposite time of day, opting for a sunny evening among a different type of farm, the wind farm.

I was fortunate enough to have Dave's company with me while shooting the wind turbines in the ever setting sun. After I captured the seven shots that would become my panorama, we both turned our attention to the best the sunset had to offer with windmills silhouetted against the orange and pink fading light. One the shutter speeds fell too low to stop the windmills motion, we decided to pack it up.

I owe David a huge thanks for assisting me this time. He kindly edited and stitched my panorama for me as I was still awaiting the arrival a new computer. It is thanks to him that I have something to show you all this time. I can't wait to look through the rest of the shots from that evening on a screen larger than the 3" screen on the back of my camera.