Project Double Take #4 | Detail

We're moving right along with our project and for our 4th installment, we are featuring details in the landscape. I know the first thing that comes to mind when I think of landscape photography are those big wide view vistas of mountains and lakes. Landscape photography doesn't always have to be the big sweeping vista, however. In fact, some of the most intricate and interesting things nature has to offer is in the details. It doesn't mean the shots have to be close macro photography either, just a more intimate view of the landscape. Usually I think of details as a shot without the horizon line and I favor those with lots of texture and interesting form.

I think Dave and I both brought those feature to life this week, if I do say so myself. In Dave's shot of a tree detail, he really brought out the interesting white color and peeling texture of the bark. His image is both chaotic and controlled at the same time. We are used to looking at tree's from a distance seeing their full form, but here he nicely shows off the pattern of tree limbs and textures only noticed with a closer viewpoint.

My shot is a milkweed. Amazingly those little fuzzy seeds must have held on all winter. I found a whole batch of these in a field and instantly became fascinated with them. I spend at least half and hour dancing circles around them. I found interesting shapes and textures on the seed pods themselves and contrasting texture on the fuzzy seeds. My shot was aided by the late evening sun and I almost chose a shot that was backlit featuring the beauty of the seeds themselves, but in the end I felt a front lit shot really showed off the all the texture and detail of the milkweed itself.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed two different takes on the detailed landscape from Dave and I. I was pleased to see we both chose contrasting color tones, his being cooler and mine being warmer, just as different times of day in nature feature cooler and warmer light. Be sure to stop over and visit Dave at the Central Illinois Photoblog to hear this thoughts on this subject. Next time, we will be showing off Panoramas, which should be a lot of fun.

Just for a little more fun, here is my shot again along with a few other views of the Milkweed. What do you guys think? Is it an interesting subject or what?

I'm currently without a computer at the moment, so as you've noticed I'm using Dave's nice white layout for PDT and my images don't have my usual watermark on them. I kindly ask that you please respect my copyright. Stealing makes me sad.