Desktop Calendar | March 2010

With temperatures creeping their way up to the 40's here this week, I've got spring on my brain. It can't get here soon enough. I'm not sure what the official symptoms are to declare someone with cabin fever, but I'm pretty sure that I am stricken with the illness. I'm longing for warmer days, sunshine and the emerging of some spring color.

So, in honor of wishful thinking and the need for a cheery uplift, I happily bring March's Desktop Calendar, "Yellow Daffodils".

This shot was taken all the way back in 2008. One of my favorite locations to shoot flowers is at the campus gardens at Illinois Central College. These early bloomers were one of the first practice shots I grabbed with my then very new Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.  The warm back lit petals and blue skies really make me think spring and while March is a little early for these golden beauties, I just thought they were the perfect pick-me-up. I hope you all enjoy them!

To get yours, click the link below in the size you need. I'm again trying to go with only 3 sizes.




I did have a request for 1680x1050. I did some experimenting with my monitor at the office, which is that same resolution and discovered that best choice is to chose the 1920x1200 option, then go to your background settings in your control panel and choose "stretch" instead of "center".  This is my recommendation for anyone with an in between size, simply go one up.

Now, if you have a square monitor (as in not widescreen), you might choose the closest size (most likely 1024 or 1280), but instead of choosing stretch, you should choose "center" in the settings. It will have a widescreen appearance and by adjusting the desktop color to something neutral like grey or black, everything should look nice.

Also, don't forget the lovely iPaper choice for your iPhone or iPod Touch.


I'm going to roll with this setup for another month, but if anyone is still having problems, I'll consider going back to the old ways. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions.