Project Double Take #2 | Self-Portrait in the Landscape

Well it is round #2 on the double take project and I am not going to lie, this one was a dozy. Sure, just go out somewhere and snap a portrait of yourself, right? Well, it just wasn't that easy let me tell you. I actually attempted this shot on two different occasions, both were in the cold. The cold presents a little bit of a problem. It is just trickier to run a camera with cold fingers and my patience for fussing with dials and settings while shivering is pretty minimal. I even managed to break a light stand in the cold. 

The shot of mine is actually from my first outing. When I came home from this shoot, I just felt I could do better. So, I made a second trip to a spot along the Mackinaw River. I had big ideas for a shot on this old bridge looking down the length of the bridge with all those lines and perspective, but unfortunately by the time I am off work and make the drive out to the spot it is already getting dark and fast. I played around for quite awhile (again in the cold). In the end I had to make compromises and when I got home the images, while lit okay, were just too dark overall. There was no definition between the background and the bridge itself. My idea will have remain for a future outing, in better and more light.

I compared my favorite shots from both shoots and it was clear to me that the brighter image with a more interesting background was the winner. I wish I was smiling, but hey, you can't have it all when you are forced out from behind the camera.

Somewhere during the two weeks I must have warmed up to the self portrait thing and last Friday while it was spitting a bout of snow, I decided to take a lunch break and so jump around in the snow. Be sure to stop over to David Vernon's blog to read about how he managed to pull off his nice evening cornfield self portrait.