Desktop Calendar | February 2010

Another month has gone by and for the first time in about three weeks, the sunshine has made it's debut again. It is a relief and for a moment, it gives me a warm smile on my face. The winters here can be long and depressing when the overcast sky hangs on and covers the world in grey. In honor of the sun and the glorious skies it can produce, I'm sharing one of the most spectacular red skies I've seen the sunset produce along the Illinois River for this month's desktop calendar.

This one was taken back in October 2009 from the East Peoria side looking back toward the lights of Peoria Heights and Route 29 underneath that amazing red sky. My friend, Bill and I took a lot of shots that night as the sunset went from blah to this stunning red. We stayed until the street lamps were on and the sky was fading into night. This is one of the last shots of the night and I am happy we stuck around to see it. It was one of those situations where we almost walked away, and one last turn around we noticed what we were about to miss, so we quickly hiked back to our spot and set up our tripods again scrambling to catch the sky before it was gone. So just remember, boys and girls, don't be in too big of a hurry to pack up your gear. Usually my favorite shots are just about the last ones I take and you never know what you might see next.

I'm trying something new this month. I've only got three sizes for you this month for your computer backgrounds. I felt like I was making too many unique sizes. However, if one of these don't work for you, please let me know. Leave a comment and let me know what screen resolution you have. My intention is to make only the most common sizes out there today.

To get your desktop, click the link below that closest fits your screen resolution and do however you Mac and PC people do.

February Desktop - 1920x1200

February Desktop - 1280x800

February Desktop - 1024x640


The lovely iPaper version for your phone or pod. To add image to your device, click the link below and then hold down on the image and choose 'Save Image', then go your your camera roll and find the image you just captured, and choose 'Use as Wallpaper'. There you go!