Project Double Take #12 | Film


Finally!!!! It's...wait...can it be?? Why, yes, it is! It's FILM! I know you hardly believe your eyes. You probably didn't think this was ever going to happen, did you? What? You doubted me? You doubted my ability to shoot and develop film? Well, okay fine. I mean yeah, it did take me like 6 months to actually get it done, but seriously. I deserve more credit than that, don't I? No? Okay, you're right. That was ridiculous. It should never have taken me that long. In fairness to me though, I did shoot a roll back in July that when I attempted to get it developed discovered that nothing exposed. Hmm...I have no idea if it was the camera or not. Due to the camera age, and fact I'd never shot it before I think it's likely something is broken in terms of the shutter. So, with a month's worth of shots that never made it to film and had to start over.

It took me a really long time to buck up and put my remaining role of Kodak Ektar 100 into a new camera and start over. Dave wouldn't let me quit on the project though and I had to keep film on the table, so there was nothing left to do, but buck up, suck it up, and go shoot some freaking film. In the end I borrowed my parents somewhat modern, but no frills Minolta GTsi 35mm SLR. This baby doesn't let you choose any settings at all. It's straight automatic/program mode all the way. I could turn the pop up flash on and off though. I'm not complaining though, it worked. I had no control over the images themselves and I of course couldn't see the results of what I was shooting, but somehow that added to the fun of things. I mean, I really had no idea how things were going to turnout. Where they underexposed? Overexposed? Tilted to one side? Blurry? Well, I won't lie folks. I waited WAY too long in the year to shoot film mostly because this time of year it gets dark so early that by the time I was out of my 9-5 work, the sun was on her way down and fast. Remember I told you it was 100 speed film. Yeah, 100 speed film and the dark don't really go to together. Add in a girl in a rush to get this topic shot and done who's run and gun -after work style also meant no tripod and you get all the above mentioned things, underexposed, tilted, and blurry. I did manage to find one or two images that survived my bad habits.

I give you, Kickapoo Creek in Jubilee College State Park in November. Your welcome. Done and Done!

Now, Dave diligently shot his film on time and has patiently been waiting for me to get my act together. He shot his image of the bison in Yellowstone National Park on a Pentax 67 with severely expired Fuji RDP-III ASA 125 speed, 220 film. Whew! He's got some nice wide open aperture going on as well as some unique and interesting colors, no doubt the expired film. I think the repeating theme here is that the fun part of film is that you really don't know what you came away with until you get home. Even if you shoot film all the time and can predict how it should look, there is that impatient wonder that goes with shooting film that we take for granted with our fast paced world of digital instant gratification. You've all been patient with me long enough, so I suggest you stop over and visit Dave on his blog to read about his film adventure.

Whew! If you've made it this far, then you also know that this is the last topic we had to post. We've been shooting and posting for a full year now and it's been quite a ride. You can revisit any of the topics by searching for the keywords "Project Double Take" or you can also view all of my images from the topic in the Gallery > Project Double Take on this site. We both hope you've enjoyed playing along with us this year. It's truly been a great learning experience. I think we are both tired and ready to take a bit of break. I'm sure we will be back something new and different next year. It's time to put this project to rest.