Project Double Take #24 | Near / Far


It's hard to believe that we started in the cold and snow a year ago and here we are ending in the cold and snow. While technically we have film to publish next week, but this is the last topic we've shot. It does seem fitting though to have snow for both shoots. Like a full circle kind of thing. Oh, listen to me getting all sentimental with you Project Double Take. It's just that I'm attached now. We've been together for a year straining our brains to find a shot or desperately running out the night before the topic is due to shoot a lame sunset or tree just to get it finished. It's been a good year though and I'm happy that we did this. It's been a good expansion of skills as some topics I hadn't thought to try legitimately before. But really the best thing was that it got me outside shooting. It forced me to pick on the camera even when I didn't want to. I'm better for that. There were times I just didn't feel like it, or the weather sucked, or I didn't like anything I was shooting lately, or I was burned out. In the end, It was always a good experience or I came away with something different I wouldn't have seen or shot otherwise. That was the real prize in doing this project.

 I have to take a moment to thank my partner in all of this. Dave has been a good motivator to keep me going. He's also been a good partner in crime and we've managed to shoot both on our own as well as several outings together, which has been fun to have someone to photowalk and chat photography with. Mostly we just gush over what gear we need to buy next. That's what photographers really do anyway. =) It's been fun to see what he comes up with in contrast to what my eye saw and for me that was the rewarding part of this project. So Thank You, Dave for sticking it out the whole year with me and producing some lovely work yourself.

Well, I will keep this short and sweet. Dave's shot is down along the Illinois River. He's got a true near/far thing going on with the old bridge supports in the shot covered in graffiti and in the background the McCluggage Bridge. I like the blue and white theme with the blue bridge and blue graffiti. I also think its a little amusing that this time of year we sing about joy and peace and apparently this graffiti artist doesn't agree with our peaceful sentiment. Stop on over to read more about his shot on Dave's blog here.

As for me, I really don't know what makes my shot "near/far". This Christmas tree sits all the way out on the breakwater wall at the IVY (Illinois Valley Yacht and Canoe) Club along the river here in Peoria. With permission from the club to photograph on the break wall, I trekked out after a fresh snow fall and waiting for it to get dark enough for the tree to light up. It was chilly and windy on the break wall that evening, but the sky turned a nice blue as the sun faded away behind me leaving the cool feeling of snow and ice on the river. I would have liked to have shown a little more distance with how far out the tree sits, but it just makes the tree so small in the frame that I've opted to publish a shot for a closer viewpoint instead. It's just a nice holiday image and for me says, we're nearing the end of this project, and look how far we've come. I'm ready for a new year. Yeah, you can call that lame if you want and that's fine with me. I went out, I shot it, and I like it so I'll make it fit the theme in my own twisted way. =)

Next week we wrap it all up with film! Yay! Stay tuned.