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Winter Beach.jpg

This time of year I always stop and think about what I am thankful for. Of course, the usual and first things are my family and close friends for their love and support of me. Without these people, I wouldn't be who I am. Next, I'm thankful for being healthy and having all the things I could ever need or want in life. After that, I start to think about how thankful I am that I have a creative outlet that lets me express myself and interact with interesting people and be in beautiful environments that reinvigorate my soul. Photography is good for me in that way and I'm lucky that I have the means both in time and money to do this sometimes demanding and expensive, but very rewarding profession. It's what I need as a person and I'm fortunate that it fills me up and lets me spill it out for others. I'm thankful that I have this blog to write my (sometimes crazy and late night) thoughts. Even if no one ever read it, I think I will still write for me. I'm thankful that at least a few people do take the time to read it. It's a moment out your day, so thank you for listening.

I just wanted to say thank you to my readers and my friends, family, and clients that stop by to read this blog and check in on what is happening in my photographic world. As a special thank you, I am offering a bonus desktop background. No calendar this time, just my little logo at the bottom. When I want something new on my own background on my Mac, this is how I make them for myself and if it's good enough for me, it good for you guys, right? =)

This shot is from Indiana Dunes State Park in Indiana, right on Lake Michigan. I found this piece of drift wood settled into the sand late in the day. It called out to me as a split tone and I like the calm mood it left and I thought it would make a nice calming backdrop. This time of year is busy, so a little calm is always good.

I'm keeping this one simple and only offering two sizes for the bonus calendar, a 1080  desktop version and one that will fit the iPad. If these sizes don't fit your screen, don't worry, December's calendar is here next week and has my usual 5 size offering as well as iPhone / iPad sizing.

Click the size you need below to get your bonus calendar. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!

For those that do read this blog, I'd love hear what you are thankful for. Feel free to leave a comment and share. Don't be shy. I read everything you guys write to me too. Now go eat turkey (or tofurkey) and be with the ones you love.