Gear | Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 G


Oh yeah! Look at the goody I get to play with over the holiday! Woot! I love renting new gear to try out from my favorite rental shop, They usually offer some nice specials over the holiday months while they are off too, like renting for 3 days, but getting a rental for seven since they are closed over the holiday. It's a good deal and a great way to try out something spendy you've been wondering if you "need" in your camera bag.

This time, I opted to rent the premiere wide angle lens from Nikon. The 14-24mm f/2.8. This is the lens that makes Canon shooters want to switch to Nikon or at a minimum buy an adapter so they can use this baby on Canon. As you can see, its a big lens and fairly hefty too. She's got a lot of glass going on. The front element is enormous and I can't wait to try her out. I threw in a few shots with her alongside my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens so you can see how big she is in comparison, almost as tall, even fatter, and a little heavier to boot.

I have her for a week, so hopefully I will bring back some images to share of what she is capable of. My plan is to put her through some nigh shooting paces. With f/2.8 and a wide angle of view I'm thinking there are possibilities to be had. Now I just need a clear sky, which hasn't been abundant lately. I will be shooting her on a crop sensor camera because, well, it's what I own. I won't be getting the full wide angle viewpoint that she is capable of because of that, but nevertheless it will be be wide and wider than I can currently see. Performance on a FX or full frame sensor would give you the most out of the wide angle capabilities. Regardless, I want to see how she handles and the only way to get Nikon f/2.8 in wide angle this wide is to shoot with this lens. For reference, I have rented the 10-24mm and 12-24mm DX lenses as well as the newer 16-35 f/4 FX lens. This will be a nice comparison to the others I have already tried.

I'll be back next week or so with samples shot with the Nikon 14-24mm. For full specs on her stop by here and for a nice review (by someone who does reviews more thoroughly and thoughtfully than I do) stop by here. And if you want to rent some gear yourself, check out Borrow Lenses. I've had great service from them and I've ordered rentals about a half a dozen times or so now and I've been happy with them.

I've got a goody I'm sharing with you all tomorrow as a special holiday treat from me. So, be sure to stop by tomorrow for that.